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S&R Resources, Inc was established in January of 1990 and became a ‘C’ corporation in August of 1993. In our early years we focused on support of computer and networking hardware, and offered sparing capabilities as well as repairs to our customer. Hence the S&R: Spares and Repairs. In the mid-nineties, S&R was awarded the contract to depot-maintain all of the hardware at JSC/NASA (Johnson Space Flight Center). We were tasked with supporting some ‘one of a kind’ and sole-source type equipment. It was at this juncture that we took our repair services to the next level and established an ‘engineering approach’ to repair, seeing a circuit board as just that…regardless of whether it came out of a computing, networking, banking, telecommunications, or flight system. Loi Tran, our VP of Engineering led this transition with amazing success and he continues to lead us today in our original lab in Chatsworth, CA.

Currently we focus primarily on telecommunications (wired and wireless) and microwave hardware repair and we no longer offer spares. We still like to say ‘a circuit board is just a circuit board’….if it needs repair, we will fix it. In addition to circuitry, we are also very strong in power support.

In 2000, we added a second component-level repair lab in Houston TX, our corporate headquarters. Here we work under contract to OEMs in addition to special repair programs. These programs are predominantly ‘RF’ and include final product testing to OEM specifications under simulated field conditions.

We have an industry reputation of being responsive, reliable, and highly qualified in the depot component-level repair business.

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